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"Our partners represent many of the world’s leading companies and multinationals"

​​About Global Arbitration

…is an information site brought to you by lawyers who have arbitrated billions of dollars worth of disputes and have helped a large number of the world’s leading companies to resolve their disputes through arbitration.  Here, you will find quick answers to many of your questions about your arbitration or dispute in bullet point fashion as well as links to relevant arbitration rules and useful organizations.


…can be complicated and confusing. Even for experienced in-house counsel.  But it can also be an efficient and effective way to resolve your dispute. Many people, companies, and corporations prefer it over going to court or being taken to court. helps you understand how and why.

We Understand

…that you may have more questions than can be answered on a website and may want to talk about your case or dispute personally to find out what to do next.  We look forward to hearing from you and you can reach us at the information provided in the “Contact Us” tab.

Global Arbitration Lawyers


Nicholas P. Connon

Managing Partner

Robert A. de By

Robert A. de By

Chair, International Arbitration Practice Group

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